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Capacity Building

Capacity building events are regularly organized around the world where Youths/Students are empowered with skills. Self-employment programs, Personal Development programs etc...

Poverty Alleviation

Half of the world’s poor live in just 5 countries according to the World Bank. Over 80% of the people in our world live below the poverty line. Join hand with CATI as we give a lending hand to the less privileged and deprived.



CATI has been active in supporting initiatives like orphanage institutions, homes and widow Centers in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. Running after school programs, hygiene and medical interventions etc...



transforming lives one at a time

Who We are


CATI is a Christian Charity organisation based in Norway. A group of professionals in various fields and nations. Doctors, Lawyers, Business owners, CEOs, Pilots Teachers, Proprietors etc. All well wishers & volunteers trying to help the helpless by providing capacity building opportunities, poverty relief programs etc. Though we are not able to help all the countless people seeking attention and care alone, but we are determined to do what we can. So we welcome you to join hands with us and serve our world and rid our communities of this sufferings.  Join us and be a voice for the voiceless.

The activities of CATI is in the area of Human, Social and Spiritual developments. CATI specially cares for the disadvantaged in Rural areas like in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and other parts of the world. And works among others with the followings:

  • Orphanages, & Children homes..
  • Self-help & self-employment programs for men & women
  • Personal Developmental programs for Youths
  • Visiting schools and Colleges and organising after school programs just to name a few.

Some activities


Capacity Building - NORWAY

One of our programs is the PTT (Personal Transformation Training). We were invited to run this program for the Christian Students/Youths at a College in Norway. It was such a joy to see the students light up.


After School Program - INDIA

In the short months we began this project, we can already see the difference on the faces of these Children and their parents. It is amazing what a small gesture of love can do to change the lives of the less privileged.

Baby feeding baby

Adonai Orphanage NIGERIA

Several years ago, the founders of CATI began partnering and supporting the Adonai Orphanage and Children´s home in Kaduna, Nigeria, where they also ran poverty relief programs for widows. Including skills aquisition.

We Honour Our Top Donators


Dr. Joseph




Esther A.

More activities


Training Men and Women NORWAY

Being an organisation based in Norway, we have had several trainings here and across Europe. On this occasion we had a personal transformation training for men and women in Norway. It was a very successful progam.


Training Youths Kaduna, NIGERIA

We have had the privilege of training several young adults in Kaduna, Nigeria. Equipping them with life skills that will enable them face the emerging 21st century technological development among a few.

Training the Romani People SLOVAKIA

Roma, also called Romany, or Gypsies (considered pejorative), an ethnic group of traditionally itinerant people who originated in northern India but live in modern times worldwide, principally in Europe.


we are open for more partners & donors

We are raising funds to help some of the orphaned children in our communities. This enables us all show mercy to the helpless, kindly donate by clicking the donate button below. Thank you in advance.

Some of Our Volunteers


Grace Abodunde

Grace Abodunde a nutritionist and a Nurse is one of our beloved kind hearted volunteers having a great heart to help the helpless. In her busy schedule, she still finds time to do medical interventions in villages and schools in Nigeria.

Dr. Anila Jonnala

Hi all I am Anila Jonnala from Vijayawada, a resource person for CATI. Working for CATI is my greatest pleasure. To me sharing with the needy, reaching out to the poor, and serving the needy is what I think privelage is. Seeing their  happy faces makes my day. Please join us if you can.

Juliet Olorunfemi Adisa

Juliet Olorunfemi Adisa

Mwiiza-Kalinda Munang'andu

Mwiiza-Kalinda Munang’andu

Best Moment In Our Life



Upcoming Events

Timi 2

PTT Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria

November 14, 2019

We are planning to run a 2 days personal training program in the upcoming month. We will be going to 2 Secondary schools in the Maryland area and the Ikeja area of Lagos, Nigeria. 

PTT Andra Pradesh, India

Andra Pradesh, India

May 02, 2020

We are planning to have a 2 days personal training program in the second quarter of 2020 in India. We will be travelling to an interior village  to Secondary school there. 



"CATI is one of the best NGO in the world. Their motivation towards the helpless people is great. I am glad I was asked to be a part it. Thank you Dr. Joseph & Esther Akinyele"

Anila jonnala, Medical doctor