After School Program


Vijayawada is capital city for Andhra Pradesh. it’s with a population of 1. 5 million. Many people from around the state go there for daily labour. As they don’t have work in their villages. They come with their families, but while both wife and husband go to work they lock the door sending these children to government schools.

But after school, most of these children just roam the streets until their parents return from work at 6 pm. Due to their living condition in a small single room where they have their kitchen, living, sleeping and also keep their belongings, they have to lock the room before they go to work. These Children then had to stay outside on the street until their parents return from work.

These Children then fall prey to abuse. Small girls of ages between 7 and 14 yrs are abused while there is no control over young boys who become addicted to bad habits at very young age. This is the situation of many children in this area of Patamata in Vijayawada.


Plan to help these Children:

CATI (Change And Transformation International) is working to help these Children and serve them to becoming responsible and good citizens. We therefore began an after school programme where they are taken off the streets until their parents return. At the centre, the Children receive educational kits, and toys. We also educate them on hygiene, the importance of brushing their teeth, washing their hands after easing themselves and also keep themselves clean from viral diseases. 

In the short months we began these project, we can already see the difference on the faces of these Children and their parents. It is amazing what a small gesture of love can do to change the lives of the less privileged.